What is interests.me?

interests.me is a simple software tool specially designed for small local voluntary groups and small businesses, and designed to be used by volunteers and non-experts.

It helps you with your digital communications - from email newsletters to social media - and even helps you print simple newsletters too.

If you run a small business or small organisation it provides everything you need to communicate what you're up to with your members, customers, supporters, prospects, volunteers.... and way beyond to the wider community.

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How can you join?

Simply click on the button below to be transported to our registration page. Whether your organisation is a non-profit group or a business, you can trial our tool for free, for as long as you like, until you're 100% happy you want to use it. Businesses will be asked for payment when they want to send an email newsletter to a mailing list or publish a story on a community website.

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Looking for an existing community? Find it here.

If you already know that there's an interests.me community website in your area (full list of community websites here), go to that site and click on 'Join'. This will join you to that community. (Or you can join later).

Want to learn more?

A good place to start is to watch this video, which we made a few months ago. It tells you what interests.me is for, why we exist, and gives you a preview of the tool.


Need help, or more information?

You can find support on our support page. We know how important it is to get support when you're trying something new.

If you're not sure whether this is for you, attend a free online demonstration. You'll need a computer with a decent internet connection, and by clicking on a link at the right time, you'll be able to watch Helen (one of our co-founders) share her screen where she'll show you how it works and be able to answer any of your questions.

Want to find out more about our community websites?

Do you work for a local Council, CVS (voluntary association), a local Library or any other organisation that aims to bring the community together? If so, find out about our community websites here. They're a great way of bringing your community together.