Our free web tool helps make it easier

One of the hardest things about running a community group, club, society, church or small charity is promoting and publicising your organisation to a local audience. We can help.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could manage all your online communications (email newsletters, website, and social media posting) in one place – saving yourself time and trouble?

And wouldn’t it be even better if you could come together with other local organisations to create a shared local audience online, and access more people?

That’s why we built our free web tool

Our free web tool for community groups

Our free web tool has been built with local community and voluntary groups specifically in mind. It can be used by any voluntary or community organisation which needs to communicate online, in a simple, straightforward and efficient way.

What you can do with the free web tool


  • Upload your mailing list – up to 2,500 email addresses
  • Manage several different mailing lists
  • Collect new subscribers with a sign-up form (GDPR-compliant)
  • Keep GDPR-compliant records of your subscribers
  • Create simple, but visual, email newsletters
  • Send emails to your whole mailing list at the same time
  • See who has opened your emails, and who hasn’t

Web Publishing

  • Create a basic one-page webpage for your organisation, using your own image and logo
  • Publish any news, announcement, events or activities to your webpage
  • Publish the same content beyond your own webpage if you wish, to one or more of our community websites
  • Allow multiple team members to each have their own log-in, and to contribute articles, news, events, etc to your webpage (so it’s not just down to one person)
  • See statistics on how many people have seen your content

Social Media Posting

  • Connect your social media accounts (Facebook Page and Twitter account)
  • Easily post the content you’ve already created to Facebook and Twitter, linking straight back to your webpage

Be featured on our Community Website

  • Publish your content onto one or more relevant community websites, so more local people see it.
  • Feature your events in our community calendar and on our noticeboard.

Be featured in our Weekly Community Email

  • Get your content automatically featured in our weekly community email which typically goes out to thousands of local people every week.

How much does it cost?

Our service is entirely free for local community and voluntary groups.

To keep it free for these groups, we attract a community sponsor who sponsors the community website and community email.

We also encourage community-based businesses to join our communities for a small membership fee, so that they can post their events and activities to the community website and weekly email too, making these even more useful for local citizens.

How do I join?

Find your community website (if it exists) using the button below, and once you’ve found it, click on “Register your organisation” on the relevant community website.

Register via a community website

If a community website doesn’t exist in your area, you can still start using our free web tool

Register without a community

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