Copyright & Trademark Policy

Last Updated: 25th April 2018

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and we expect our users to do the same.

This Copyright and Trademark Policy applies to all the websites on the domain, and all email services provided by

In our Terms of Use Agreement, we state that users should not violate others people’s intellectual property rights which include copyright and trademark.

If you believe your own rights are being infringed through the services or website(s), we are keen to hear about it and will take appropriate actions.

We encourage you to contact the person or organisation who posted, re-posted or otherwise mis-used your content, before contacting us, if this is possible. They are solely responsible for their mis-use of your content, and any response we might make to their breach of our Terms of Use Agreement (in terms of asking them to withdraw the content, or suspending or terminating their account) is likely to be only one way of enforcing your rights. You should tell them which copyright or trademark law you believe they are infringing. You may be able to resolve the issue with them directly without contacting us.

However, if you do not have their contact details, or if you need our intervention, please do send us notice of any infringement. Please email We may need to forward your notice, which may include your contact information, to the user who posted or re-posted, or otherwise mis-used your content.

When reporting a claim of copyright or trademark infringement, please make sure your notice includes the following:

  • With regards to the copyright owner or trademark owner, their name, address and telephone number, and email address
  • Either a link to the content on our website(s) – usually a URL, or if the page has been removed, a screenshot – or a forwarded copy of an email which you claim infringes your copyright or trademark;
  • If it is a copyright infringement, clear evidence that the copyright belongs to you;
  • If it is a trademark infringement, the registration number of the relevant trademark, the country/jurisdiction where the trademark is registered, the category of goods and/or services covered by your registration, and a link to the registration or copies of your registration certificate;
  • A clear explanation of exactly how you believe the content is infringing your copyright or trademark (if not obvious);
  • A statement that: (a) you have a good faith belief that the use isn’t authorised by the copyright or trademark owner, its agent or the law; (b) the information in your notice is accurate; and (c) under penalty of perjury, you are the owner or you are authorised to act on behalf of the copyright or trademark owner; and
  • An electronic or physical signature from the copyright or trademark owner or someone authorised to act on their behalf.