Whatever your community, we’ll bring things together online

Are you a local ‘place maker’? Get in touch to take advantage of our free shared digital assets for your community.

For citizens to become more involved in your community, they need to know what’s going on. For most local communities, there is not one single source of information for citizens to go to. Our online community calendars, noticeboards and emails fill this gap. They gather together events and activities in your community, both directly from local organisations, and from all across the web.

Start an interests.me community, and you’ll get all these integrated shared digital assets:

  • a shared calendar which all local organisations can contribute to
  • a simple directory of contributing local organisations
  • a community noticeboard for news and announcements
  • a weekly automated email newsletter featuring forthcoming local events and latest news
  • an easy way to import content about your community from across the web

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All local organisations can benefit

Our shared digital assets are all supported by our unique free web tool for local organisations. Local organisations use this tool to post events to the calendar and announcements to the noticeboard, at the same time as using it for their own member communications – from emailing, to web publishing and social media. It’s incredibly easy to use. And because they find our free web tool so useful, local organisations are more likely to contribute to the shared community digital assets on a regular basis – making them dynamic and relevant.

The latest events and announcements are automatically emailed to local citizens

Our system automatically sends weekly community emails to subscribers who have opted-in to hear about the next few weeks of events, and latest news and announcements.

You can also use a feed of information about your community on existing websites (eg a parish council website), or in existing email newsletters.

Communities are created and run by local ‘place makers’

Local ‘place makers’ (who may be volunteers or community development professionals) run their community digital assets in a similar way to administering a local Facebook Group. They could be representatives of local organisations such as residents’ associations, councils for voluntary service, or parish or district councils. They could even be editors of local magazines, or administrators of local Facebook Groups, who want to generate deeper and richer local content to be shared in their publications or on social media.

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